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Documentary: The 600: The Soldier’s Story


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The 600: The Soldier’s Story

In April of 1994, 600 men and women of the Rwandan Patriotic Army were stationed behind Government lines in Kigali, as a security force for politicians negotiating a coalition government. Instead, after extremists assassinated their own president, a full scale, pre-meditated slaughter began of moderate Hutus and all Tutsi civilians, and The 600 were their only hope. In Kigali, the Government forces numbered around 10,000, and were assisted by civilian militia of an even greater number. Nevertheless, the 600 received orders to hold out, launch counter attacks, and rescue as many civilians as they could. After 4 days of intense fighting, RPA reinforcements arrived, and the battle to end the Genocide continued. During 100 days of combat, the 600 saw their own families killed, the ruthless slaughter of innocents, and came up with innovative ways to rescue masses of people under the nose of the Government's army and militia. Yet, they managed to rescue thousands of civilians.


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