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Afrii Diaspora Dialogue
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can anyone create an account?

      The Afrii Diaspora Dialogue (a.k.a. Black Peoples Dialogue) is intended for Black people and people of African descent with a few exceptions. We aim to UpLift and EmPower the many different Black communities that have been negatively impacted by anti-Black racism.

    2. How do I close my account?

      To close your account,

      1. Login into your account.
      2. Go to Account Settings page.
      3. There is a link there to close your account.
    3. How do I create an account?

      To create an account, used the registration form on the home page or click the power symbol in the upper right corner of the website. If this fails, access the register page directly.

    4. Is it free create and use an account?

      Currently, it is free to register an account and access all content on the website. In the near future, we will also offer membership subscriptions, but it will still be free to register an account.

    5. Is the Afrii Diaspora Dialogue a non-profit organization?

      No, the Afrii Diaspora Dialogue is not a non-profit organization. The Afrii Diaspora Dialogue is a blog, Internet forum, and e-commerce website.

    6. Is there a referral system?

      Currently, we are not offering a referral program.

    7. What is there to do after creating an account?

      Forums – Our forums are the central point of interaction. After creating an account, you can create and reply to forum topics.

      Black Communities – You can join groups and communicate with other members via forums and our private messaging system.

      Clubs / Groups – Registered members can fully access and communicate in groups, such as the Writers' Workshop.

      Store – Also with an account, you can keep track of any purchases you’ve made from our Duka store.

      Reviews – Registered members can submit reviews to different content on the website, including movies, books, music artists, store products, and file downloads.

      Courses – Coming soon.

      Quizzes and Trivia – Coming soon

      Digital file downloads – Registered members can download any free file available in out Downloads area. Members can also purchase downloads.

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